'At BrightWiz our mission to instill practical and effective long term strategies provides knowledge to nurture curiosities into conversions.'

Spencer Armand - Founder of BrightWiz

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Our consulting services cover the spectrum of your small business's digital and online marketing needs. From Inbound to Email, Campaign Development to Content Contribution. BrightWiz is here to help you make the most out of your marketing efforts while maximizing long term ROI.

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SEO, Marketing, SEM

Optimize. Everything.

Search Engine Optimization is a trail of breadcrumbs for your leads
You put all that hard work into building a website, don't let it just sit there. Web presence matters, let us help you, help your leads to convert in customers.

Get Social

Best Practices | Content | Engagement
Social media is the most cost effective and easily segmented medium for advertising.
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Messy Office Desk with Notes about Ideas

Blog About It

Thought Leadership & Content Contribution
Be an expert in your field and build a brand your customers can trust. Blogging and content contribution are vital to a healthy web presence.


Invest time in educating your customers and nurturing your leads
Generate incoming traffic with landing pages, promotions, email marketing, blogging, and social engagement. A finely tuned and efficiently segmented inbound strategy will increase SEO, in turn increase website visitors, leads, conversions, and delighted customers or subscribers.
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